Macro Missionary is excited to work with you on your journey!
Each of these people were just like you… hear what they had to say about Macro Missionary and see their incredible transformations... 
Aaron has lost over 80lbs on his journey as a Macro Missionary hitting weights that he hasn’t seen in over 4 years. He is now educated on a healthier lifestyle that he can now teach his son as he grows older. 
Julie lives a crazy busy life as a traveling evangelist and diet was always the hardest part to get down. She was doing amazing in the gym and getting great results but was never satisfied with her “look”. After becoming a Macro Missionary she has completely changed her body composition, she looks amazing and feels even better. 
Bob lost 185 lbs, was featured on Fox 59 news through us and was not only able to step on stage doing his first physique competition but also able to do things he never thought possible like run, box jump and pull ups
We want to see you transform into the real you -- the person that’s hiding underneath misinformation, a lack of confidence, and personal hurdles.

We’re able to help anyone that is ready to see why they’ve failed, and take the right steps toward overcoming unhealthy urges, stress, and a lack of confidence. 

These are the real issues standing in the way of most people we talk to, and once they understand this fact we can feel their aura change and immediately see the confidence overcome them. 

Click below to enroll now and feel what so many other people in your same position have felt once they understand the power that lies inside of them, waiting to be tapped into.

We’ll ask you a few questions to understand more about you and then we (or one of our team members) will reach out to you to discover the unique approach that’s going to be most effective for you, from day 1. 

We’re looking forward to helping you step into the new you -- and make it easier to do than you’ve been led to believe. 
A personal note from Jesse and Erika...
Look, we’re stoked that you have made it this far. 

It means you are serious about achieving the perfect lifestyle for yourself, overcoming nagging health issues, and naturally dealing with the stress in your life so you can tap into your inner confidence. 

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you on your own unique journey. 
I just want to let you know how happy...
.. and satisfied I am with the program. The results I'm getting both physically and mentally, I just can't thank you and your plan enough. I have struggled over the years to attain this goal. I realize we have a few more weeks left and looking forward to seeing what I can do in that time. Who knows what I may want to do after that….Thanks so much. --Michael
For your convenience payments will be done electronically each month.

4 months at $149 per month, then $79 per month, cancel any time by emailing your 30 days notice. 
$149 per month
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:
I understand, if I decide to not follow or adhere to the nutrition advice given or change my mind on the agreed program, for any reason and I decide that I no longer am going to follow the program, that it is my full responsibility to provide full payment for the program (4 months), regardless of any circumstantial event or reason that may cause me not to want to follow the program. All MacroMissionary sales are final. 
Macro Missionary is a 4 month term moving into a month to month term, where you cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. If during your 4 month term, you feel that Macro Missionary has not held up to the services stated would be provided and you have followed the plan given, we will issue a full refund (just provide 30 day notice). Following the plan includes: posting your logs into the private FB community, adhering to the assigned macros, and posting or emailing bi-weekly progress photos.
We are here to give you somewhere to turn to, something to be proud of, and bring out an inner happiness, strength, & MAGIC that you never knew existed.  

In this process you will get in the greatest physical, mental and spiritual shape that you have ever been in
Who We Are
NOBODY has a nutrition TEAM like we do! We have been helping people implement and understand proper nutrition for over 19 years and counting. We are here for individuals who are very serious about obtaining their goals and eliminating excess bodyfat. 

Whether it be competing in a contest, preparing for an athletic event or losing fat to increase quality of life, we provides you the science, accountability, and support that you will need. 
What is macronutrient based nutrition?
The macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates, fat, and alcohol. The process of tracking your macronutrients is simply knowing exactly what nutrients you are putting into your body to accomplish a certain goal by a certain time. For example losing 50 lbs by your 25th wedding anniversary in 4 months.

Muscle weight, body type, lifestyle factors, bodyfat distribution, TDEE, performance or physique objectives and time frame all come into play in determining your protein, CHO, and fat needs.

We embraces a holistic approach to fat loss NOT solely a model based off restriction. Expansion is a concept often overlooked in nutritional intervention strategies.

Each plan is individually designed and no two are the same even though separate people may have the same height, age, weight, etc…

Our nutrition system encourages a healthy relationship with food. Team members are able to eat their favorite foods, fitting them into their macronutrient profile and not feel guilty or shamed.

Macros are KEY but micronutrients such as fiber must be in place as well, all plans account for this
Macro Missionary Team Member Requirements :
  •  Possess a high desire to succeed and follow a plan from start to finish
  •  Must be proficient in basic email  
  •  Proficient with any food tracking software or willing to learn(Excel, Fit Day, Calorie King, My Macros, My Fitness Pal etc)  
  •  Positive team oriented attitude  
  •  Be willing to communicate your progress  
  •  Be coachable and able to follow directions
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